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Project Study

BUILDING PERMISSION: it is consisted of all the necessary drafts and documents regarding the issue of the permission and the forwarding of the folder.

3-D VIEWS: they are the interior and exterior views of the building, so as to instantly provide you with a depiction of the final result.

CONSTRUCTION DRAFTS & DECORATION DETAILS: we provide you with the full package of drafs necessary for the execution of the project.

PROJECT STANDARDS: the construction is analyzed and the standards for the materials are supplied.

PROJECT COSTING: the cost for each job and the total budget are finalized.




JOB ANALYSIS & PROJECT STANDARDS: a detailed description of the jobs and of the standards for the project is done.

SPECIFICATIONS WRITE UP: a binding offer is given and a timetable for the project.

CERTIFICATION: for each phase that is completed, a certificated is issued by each contractor with a guarantee for the proper installation and operation.

At the end, we provide you with all the documentation by the Civil Services (IKA, Tax Office, Electrical Company, etc) and an album with photos from the construction phases.



Renovation Interior Architecture

DEPICTION: to start with, a detailed plan of the space and its statics is done.

DESIGN: a presentation of alternative suggestions and 3-D views is presented.

COST: a binding offer for the final cost of the construction and the standards for the materials is given.

An indicative cost for a renovation begins at 300€/m2 and can include basic jobs such as electrical and plumbing systems, floor scrubbing, wall painting, etc.



Supervision and Construction

USE OF PROPERTY: consultation for the plot and/or the building is provided.

CORPORATE IDENTITY: we differentiate the space-construction from the mass according to the company product. The corporate identity that accompanies a well designed, original space is the dynamic of its survival and evolution, especially in a crucial and demanding time like the one we live.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: with responsability, we manage completely the construction of the project through scheduling, payments, supervision, team coordination and transactions with the Public Services. Our office has the full responsibility of the construction down to its completion.

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